We support the following common file formats:

  • Adobe Framemaker™ (.MIF)
  • Adobe InCopy™
  • Adobe InDesign™ (.INDD)
  • Adobe InDesign™ (.INX)
  • Adobe InDesign™ Markup Language (.IDML)
  • Adobe PDF (.PDF)
  • Adobe PhotoShop™ (.PSD)
  • AuthorIT (.XML)
  • DITA (.DITA, .XML)
  • FreeMind mind maps (.MM)
  • HTML (.HTML, .HMT, .SHT), including HTML5
  • Microsoft Word™ 2003 (.DOC, .RTF, .BAK, .DOT)
  • Microsoft Word™ 2007-2013 (.DOCX)
  • Microsoft Excel™ 2003 (.XLS, .XML, .XLT)
  • Microsoft Excel™ 2007-2013 (.XLSX, .XLSM)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2003 (.PPT, .PPS, .POT)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2007-2013 (.PPTX, .PPSX, .POTX, .SLDX)
  • Microsoft Visio™ (.VDX)
  • MS Help™ Workshop (.HHC, .HHK)
  • OpenDocument text documents (.ODT, .ODF)
  • Plain Text (.TXT, .INF, .INI, .REG)
  • Rich Text Format™ (.RTF, two-column .RTF)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)
  • TMX filter
  • Typo3 pages (.XML)
  • XML (.XML) and SGML (.SGML) files
  • YAML (.YAML)

Software localisation is one of our key competencies.

That is why you don't need to export your texts to Microsoft Word or Excel to have them translated. Just send us what you have and we will check your files for translatability. Here are some localisation formats we support:

  • .NET resource files (.RESX)
  • HTML (.HTML, .HMT, .SHT), including HTML5
  • Java properties
  • JSON
  • Multilingual XML formats (XML using xPath)
  • Multilingual Excel/CSV formats (CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX)
  • PO Gettext files (.PO)
  • XML
  • YAML

Furthermore we can process all types of text-based files using regex filters.