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Websites, brochures, user documentation or software interfaces … we enable you to be heard internationally.


Machine instructions, software user manuals or API documentation sets … we edit your content so that your customers effortlessly get the point.

Language Training

International meetings, presentations or small talk. Polish up your command to excel globally!



"Words are, in my not so humble opinion, the most inexhaustible source of magic."
— Albus Dumbledore

Technical documentation, user interfaces, marketing brochures, websites ..... you name it. We make sure that your company’s message is understood internationally so that your products can go global.

A long-standing track record in writing technical documents such as machine specifications, software manuals and API documentation sets, enables us to assist you right from the start. We show you how to present your content in order to reach your target audience.

In order to succeed internationally, you have to speak a common language. We are happy to provide you with the perfect training solution that fits your industry and personal requirements. As a result, your employees will be able to effortlessly navigate tomorrow’s markets.

  • Translation

    Technical translations, software localisation, marketing brochures ...

  • Documentation

    In-depth analysis, consultancy, technical assistance, creation of technical and software documentation ...

  • Language training

    Training courses for all areas of office communication, tailor-made terminology training courses ...

„It is normally supposed that something always gets lost in translation; I cling, obstinately, to the notion that something can also be gained.“ — Salman Rushdie

About us

Mag. Bettina Fink
Mag. Bettina Fink
Translator, Technical Writer,
Language Coach
Graduated from the University of Vienna’s Department of Translation Studies | Languages: German, English | In-depth experience in the fields of translation and technical writing | Specialist areas: technology, IT, medical engineering, marketing, tourism, advertising | Long-standing track record in teaching English in companies | Lecturer for Translation Studies for several years; focus: media translation and film

PHONE: +43 660 7577794
Philipp Drexler MA
Philipp Drexler MA
Technical Writer
Graduated from the University of Vienna’s Department of Translation Studies/Interpreting | Languages: German, English, Portuguese | Several long-term stints abroad | Long-standing track record in the fields of translation and technical writing | Specialist areas: software/IT, technology

PHONE: +43 660 6905148